Brake Repair in Lansing, MI

Brake Repair Service at Crippen Volvo Cars in Lansing, MI

Your brakes are one of the most fundamental and important safety features on your vehicle and keep you and yours safe, it is imperative to keep up with routine maintenance. Your brakes are your last line of defense and if they aren't fully functioning then you run the risk of not being able to stop on a dime in certain situations where you might need to. Replacing and checking your brakes is a super easy task and we want to help you do so at Crippen Volvo Cars.

Like all good things, your brakes can wear out and sometimes break and that is no different from the braking components of your Volvo vehicle. However, you can be proactive about your brakes to ensure that you're driving your vehicle at the highest level of performance you can.

You can look inside the spokes of your wheel where you will spot a shiny metal rotor. After you find the rotor, you can look around the outer edge where you will find the metal caliper. Between the metal caliper and the metal rotor lives your brake pad. Not all vehicles have wheels that you can easily look through to check your brake pads, in which case you will have to take the entire tire off to get a better look.

Brake pads should have at least one-quarter inch of brake pad present to brake efficiently. If less than a quarter-inch of brake pad is showing it is advantageous to make the short drive from Dewitt to our service center near Mason, MI. 

How to Know When to Replace Your Rotors and Brake Pads

If you're worried about your brakes there are a couple of tell-tale signs that can warn you that your brakes are in need of a replacement. When you hear a loud grinding noise or screeching that is a sign that you might need to bring your vehicle to our Volvo service center near East Lansing.

Indicator lights can tell you a lot about your vehicle and they should not be ignored. A lot of our newer Volvo cars come with advanced safety features that can let you know when you should service your Volvo vehicle, these warnings are to help you and should be addressed as soon as possible.

In order to slow down your vehicle, you must brake and when you brake, you're applying force on the brake pads and rotors that rub against each other. Sometimes, when you brake fast it can seem as though your brakes aren't functioning properly and that could mean that your brakes are slipping. Over time, it is natural for your rotor and brake pads to wear down. If you want to prevent hearing any awful metal grinding sounds, rumbling noises, or brake slippage it's advantageous to replace your brakes on a routine basis.

Generally, it is in good practice to at least check on your brakes after 25,000 miles and if they seem okay, you can run them for another 25,000 miles or so before replacing them, however, do check your owner's manual as all vehicles require different levels of service. You can bring your Volvo into our service center and we can help you diagnose whether your Volvo needs new brakes or not.

Replace Your Brakes with Us at Crippen Volvo Cars

When you are experiencing these signs or have surpassed these mile markers, we invite you to visit our Volvo dealership service center near Charlotte, MI and we can help get your vehicle back on the road once again. Don't hesitate, schedule your service appointment online today!