Exceptional used cars in Lansing, MI: Volvo and much more

Since 1973, our family-owned dealership at Crippen Volvo Cars has been serving the wonderful people around Lansing, MI, offering the safety, luxury and comfort of new Volvo cars, along with a complete collection of pre-owned models of every kind. We start with Volvo SUVs, sedans and wagons, of course, but our range extends across the entire spectrum of personal transportation, with vehicles from nearly all the most popular brands.

Your best used pickup ever could come from a Volvo dealer

Because we are privileged to serve such a wide variety of car buyers, we get a wide variety of trade-ins. Since there are a lot of outstanding pickups out there, we make sure we get more than our share on our used car lot. Are you shopping for a new Ford F-150 truck but getting some sticker shock? A used F-150 can give you many of the same features you'd get new, at a low used truck price. Put it to work in East Lansing or Charlotte, MI.

You should also see us if you're on the hunt for a great used Ram 1500 or Chevy Silverado 1500 pickup. While the Ford F-150 is the single best-selling vehicle in the entire world, Ram and Chevy Silverado are not far behind. In fact, the Silverado happens to be the second best-selling vehicle in the world, the Ram 1500 comes next. It's a true workaholic, especially with a Ram HEMI® V8 engine. See all three trucks in one place at Crippen Volvo Cars.

Interested in a reliable pre-owned SUV? You've come to the right dealer

At Crippen Volvo Cars, we always have a nice selection of some of the most popular SUVs in the country, all selling for a lot less than they cost when they were new. Look here for a pre-owned Jeep, like the Jeep Wrangler whose forefathers helped launch the SUV concept with unsinkable military Jeeps that helped win World War II. Look for best-sellers like a used Toyota RAV4, a Honda CR-V or a Chevy Equinox, the three most popular SUVs. 

A pre-owned Toyota RAV4 gives you surprising space for a compact SUV while the Honda CR-V is a well-balanced crossover. You might also find some exciting mid-size SUVs like the Ford Explorer or a used Toyota Highlander. Both are family-friendly with three rows of seating and both keep your family comfortable. A used Ford Escape combines style with performance, and the Subaru Forester has Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

Used sedans, wagons and minivans, with Volvo taking the lead

A used Volvo S60 or S90 provides the looks and the luxury of a premium sedan, and the low price might be the best luxury of all. A used Toyota Camry at Crippen Volvo Cars gives you one of the most popular, most reliable sedans in the world. Other great used sedans with a large following include pre-owned Toyota Corolla models, as well as used Honda Accord and Honda Civic models, all combining comfort, space and legendary reliability.

Ask to see our Volvo Certified Pre-Owned models for extraordinary value

If you could design the ideal used car, this is what you'd probably design. A Certified Pre-Owned Volvo starts by being one of our premier pre-owned cars, and next it must pass our rigorous 170-point inspection to be declared Certified Pre-Owned. Then it becomes one of the few used cars covered by a five-year warranty. Browse our entire used car inventory, find a favorite and call for a test drive soon at Crippen Volvo Cars in Lansing MI.