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The purchase of your new or used vehicle isn't the end of your journey with Crippen Volvo of Lansing. Proper care and maintenance will help you extend the life of your East Lansing Volvo so you can keep it for years to come. Our factory-trained technicians know your vehicle inside and out, and for your convenience you can schedule your service appointment online!


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Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly with Regular Oil Changes

Possibly the most important service you can perform to keep your Dewitt-area Volvo running like new is the trusty oil change. Your engine is almost entirely made up of metal parts that are in contact with one another, so preventing those parts from damaging one another is key.

That's where engine oil comes into play.

It creates a lubricating protectant layer that is crucial to the life of your engine, but it can't last forever. Over time heat breaks down motor oil, making it thinner and less effective, and dirt particles can also get pulled into the engine that slow the flow of oil, which can cause overheating. And while the oil filter does its best to capture these foreign elements, over time the filter itself becomes so full of particles that it is no longer effective.

By bringing your Volvo to us for an oil change, you're ensuring the extended protection of your most important engine parts by replacing your old oil and dirty filter with fresh versions of each.

Make Sure You're Pointed in the Right Direction

A vehicle that is out of alignment can cause uneven tire wear, unpredictable handling, and even damage wheel bearings, hubs, and other suspension parts. If you find your Volvo pulling to one side, it's likely that it is out of alignment and requires a checkup.

It's Time to Stop

The single most important safety feature on any Mason, MI vehicle is the brake system. Responsible for bringing several thousand pounds to a stop from highway speeds, consistent, reliable brake performance is a must-have for every driver on the road. If your brakes are making noise, the pedal feels like it is pulsing or spongy, or your stopping distances seem longer than normal, bring your Volvo to us for a brake service. We'll check pad depth, rotor health, brake fluid, and brake line condition to ensure that your brakes are in good working condition. For the safety of all Charlotte, MI drivers, having your brakes checked and replaced at scheduled intervals is an excellent form of preventative maintenance that is vital to both the health of your Volvo and the safety of your passengers and those around you.

No More Grinding Gears

The engine makes the power, and the wheels pull you forward, but in between, a delicate mechanical dance takes place that converts engine torque into something that's useful for moving you forward.

That's right, it's your transmission, and it needs service too. For automatic transmission vehicles this means making sure the transmission fluid is clean and there are no leaks. And for manual or DSG transmissions that means ensure the clutch is in good working order. The pressure plates and friction discs that make up a clutch-driven gearbox are susceptible to wear, especially in stop-and-go traffic, so if you find your self in those situations frequently, it is a good idea to have your clutch checked out to ensure the health of all those fast-moving parts.

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