For years, Lansing drivers have trusted Volvo to deliver smart Scandinavian luxury on wheels. Even today, drivers around Lansing can enjoy the benefits of a Volvo SUV when they head over to Crippen Volvo Cars. But with the automobile landscape being the way it is today, we understand that many Dewitt area drivers want to explore their options before committing to one luxury brand. For that reason, let's take a look at two large SUVs to see which is better for East Lansing driving: the Volvo XC90 or the Genesis GV80.


Right out of the gate, the Volvo XC90 comes out swinging with fantastic performance that the Genesis GV80 just can't match. The Volvo XC90's 316-horsepower engine delivers punchy acceleration, putting the Genesis GV80's 300-horsepower engine to shame. Though both SUVs have available all-wheel drive, many drivers prefer the smooth, satisfying cruising capability of the Volvo XC90.

Interior Design

In terms of luxury, the Volvo XC90 is leaps and bounds superior to the Genesis GV80. With spectacular Scandinavian craftsmanship, the Volvo XC90 presents an interior design that elevates its passengers into a supreme level of comfort. Seating for up to seven passengers, 95 percent air cabin cleaning, and fine Nappa leather seating – the Genesis GV80 just can't compete.

Exterior Design

When you take home a luxury SUV, the expectation is that it will turn heads. Though both SUVs have some nice style, the Volvo XC90's aerodynamic frame and eye-catching exterior designs elements make it the clear winner in this category. Compared to the Genesis GV80's blocky design, the Volvo XC90 is much nicer to look at and comes with far more useful exterior features, such as bright headlights and taillights.

Take Home a New Volvo XC90

Do you want to get the best large luxury SUV experience possible? Head over to Crippen Volvo Cars in Lansing to find a spacious, head-turning Volvo XC90!

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