There are many reasons to invest in the new Volvo V60 at Crippen Volvo Cars, one being that it's an excellent vehicle for dog owners. This Volvo wagon was named one of the top ten vehicles for dog lovers by Autotrader. So, if you're a dog owner and you're ready to purchase or lease a vehicle that helps make your life easier, consider choosing the new Volvo V60 near East Lansing.

Volvo vehicles stand out for being luxurious and classy, including the Volvo V60 near Dewitt. That's why it's no surprise that Volvo has made an elegant pet barrier for this model. You can choose between a soft nylon screen or a stronger partition with steel bars. No matter which one you go with, it will complement the high-end styling throughout the rest of the cabin while keeping your pet safely behind the rear seat.

Another perk of choosing the Volvo V60 near Mason, MI, is that it comes with a hatch-style door and a low cargo floor. The hatch-style door is wide and makes it simple to get large dogs in the back. And to make it easier for your dog to jump in or you lift them in, the cargo floor is low to the ground, meaning less strain to get the pet inside.

The new Volvo V60 also comes standard with leather upholstery. While this material adds a touch of style to your cabin, it also adds durability. The leather surface is easy to clean and wipe up, which will come in handy after your dog finds its favorite puddle of mud. It also makes it simpler to vacuum out pet hair as the hair won't stick as easily as it would to cloth seats.

Visit Crippen Volvo Cars to learn more about why the new Volvo V60 near Charlotte, MI, is the ideal vehicle for dog lovers.

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