Volvo continues to innovate the luxury SUV world with its focus on performance and safety. For the 2022 model year, the Swedish automaker is bringing its flagship XC90 SUV to the next level with a fully electric version of the vehicle. This will make the XC90 one of the most advanced luxury SUVs on the road.

Going Full Electric and Autonomous

The debut of the fully-electric XC90 has already been confirmed by Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson. This SUV is also expected to have level-four autonomous driving capability. That means the XC90 will be capable of hands-free driving in the East Lansing area. Overall, the XC90 is expected to be a big game changer for the luxury SUV world.

Right now, Volvo does offer a hybrid version of the XC90. This hybrid powered XC90 can deliver up to 416 horsepower along with some amazing performance and fuel economy numbers. It is expected that the fully electric 2022 XC90 will be even more powerful than any other XC90 previously offered in the Dewitt area.

What is the Appeal of an Electric SUV?

There are more and more vehicles that are offering fully-electric powertrain. The big appeal to these types of vehicles is that they take you off of the dependence of gas prices. Also, electric vehicles tend to have better torque and 0 to 60 MPG acceleration times. Finally, electric vehicles appeal to those Lansing and Mason, MI drivers who want to be more environmentally conscious.

A Tradition of Luxury Innovation

Volvo has always been at the forefront of many innovations in the automotive industry. In fact, Volvo was one of the first companies to put seatbelts in all of their vehicles. Volvo also has a tradition of not patenting its safety innovations to allow for other automakers to make their vehicle safer. Overall, Volvo continues to be a leader in vehicle innovation.

The all-electric XC90 is proof of that continued innovation. Learn more by contacting Crippen Volvo Cars in the Charlotte, MI area.

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