How to Improve Your Fuel Economy

While the gas mileage of a vehicle is pretty much determined by the design of the vehicle, there is a little bit that you can do in order to reduce the amount of gas your car burns while you are on the road.

One thing you can do with your gas mileage is to drive in a way that is more efficient. For instance, if you are driving in an aggressive manner, this can reduce your gas mileage by up to 30% on the highway and 40% on the road. One thing you can do is not try so hard to accelerate your vehicle while traveling. Another thing that can help is making sure that you keep up on the maintenance of your vehicle. This includes emissions, tune-ups, and other factors.

If you need any services that will help improve the gas mileage of your vehicle, then visit us at Crippen Volvo Cars and we will take care of all of your maintenance needs.

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