Starter Warning Signs and What You Can Do

When a car won't start, most people immediately assume that a dead battery is the culprit. However, sometimes the malfunction is the result of a faulty starter. There are a variety of warning signs that point to a malfunctioning starter as being at fault, including an audible grinding noise or a whining freewheeling sound when the vehicle is started. The presence of smoke, a burning smell, or oil located at the bottom of the engine are also signs that the starter or starting circuit is experiencing a connection problem.

Our expertly trained technicians welcome the opportunity to help you understand what is happening with your vehicle's starter and how we can help you get it running in optimum condition. We welcome you to stop by our service center here at Crippen Volvo Cars in Lansing, MI today so that we can service your ignition and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to serving you today!

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