Want a vehicle that takes care of all the small stuff? Take a look at the new Volvo XC40. This renowned luxury subcompact SUV is equipped with smart mirrors that are designed to improve visibility and keep you comfortable. They work automatically, so you'll never have to worry about turning them on.

When you get an XC40 at Crippen Volvo Cars, you can get auto-dimming mirrors. The interior rearview mirror has anti-dazzle technology. It will automatically detect the presence of glare whenever another vehicle with bright headlights approaches your XC40 from behind. The mirror will become darker to diminish glare. Instead of squinting to see clearly, you can focus on the road ahead. The dimming is automatic. It darkens to the appropriate level immediately.

Once the lights are gone, the mirror will automatically revert to normal. The system is quick, seamless, and very convenient. Drivers in Lansing can also get auto-dimming side mirrors. They're included in an optional upgrade package.

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