To avoid the hassle of being stranded with a dead car battery, it is critical that drivers regularly test this piece of equipment. Doing so will save you in a pinch, and can come in handy when a friend is in need.

Before testing, be sure that your vehicle is powered off and that all the lights are off. The first step is to connect the correct voltmeter test lead to the corresponding battery terminal. When removing the terminals, always remove the negative charge first. A good battery will deliver a voltmeter reading of at least 12.4 volts and will easily hold a charge and return to service if it dies. A poor battery will not accept or hold a charge and will read under 12.0 volts.

The car battery experts at Crippen Volvo Cars in Lansing, MI are well-equipped to answer any questions you have about servicing your vehicle's battery. Our team of professional and friendly associates is standing by ready to test your car's battery and replace it, if necessary. We look forward to serving you today!



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