Get Your Car Ready for School Days!

Getting your car prepared and serviced for the back-to-school rush is important, so you can keep the pace and stay safer on the road. Keeping your car serviced on time will allow you peace-of-mind and your car should run better if you have good maintenance habits.

Make a trip to get your fluids and tires checked at the minimum. Having these things checked will help you stay on schedule with your car maintenance and will allow you to check it off of your to-do list before the school day rush starts.

Organize your vehicle with trunk organizers and back-seat organizers! These will help the kids know where everything goes and you won't have backpacks and snacks all over the car.

Keep a safety kit in your trunk to be prepared for emergencies. Allow your kit to have its own place, so it is easily accessible.

Come in to Crippen Volvo Cars in Lansing, MI to have your vehicle serviced and ask any questions you may have!

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