Infotainment Systems Make Driving More Enjoyable

Drivers today spend more and more time in their vehicles as they navigate the duties of their day. Because of this, it becomes a benefit when your car can provide you with readily available access to entertainment and information. The quality of infotainment systems has risen in importance as for many drivers.

Many manufacturers provide their own infotainment systems that provide drivers with a number of benefits. These include playing music, displaying maps, providing the view to the backup camera. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, drivers can now mirror their phones to the infotainment system. This opens up a number of other benefits. Among these are voice-activated controls, access to emails and podcasts, and access to the phones navigation system just to name a few.

Come visit us to test drive the vehicle of your choice and learn about the many other benefits that its infotainment system has to offer. We are conveniently located at Crippen Volvo Cars in Lansing, MI.

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